December 12, 2011

Recycle old Christmas cards

I thought I’d share a link to a cool tutorial named “Making Boxes Out of Christmas Cards”  The boxes are great for gift cards, jewelry, or anything that fits into a small slim box, etc…You can find it here:

Making Boxes Out of Christmas Cards

It’s very easy to do. Take a look at the one I made from recycled Christmas card from last year.  Because the card was a used card, it had writing on the inside. I covered it up with scrapbook paper as suggested in the tutorial. Made the box look very elegant.

Box from Xmas Cards

If you follow the tutorial and use glue, I suggest using tiny clamps to hold the flaps in place until the glue is dry. Otherwise, it was a fun little project.

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  1. Very nice....but....what do you use these boxes for? xoxo


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