December 23, 2011

Handmade gift tags

In the last few days I’ve been working on some gift tags (14-15 so far). Nothing as fancy as the ones I made last year but I’ve had fun with them and that’s what counts.  I don’t really have time to show them all but here are a few.


I had to use the naughty or nice stamp for the picture on the left because my G was pretending to eat dry leaves (this past fall). We made a game of it where he’d put the leaves in his mouth and I’d pull them out and say no no no! and we’d laugh as if it was the funniest thing on earth.

On the right is a more current picture of G with his Santa hat on…..Luckily I managed to take a picture because he only keeps the hat on for 10 seconds before he rips it off his head.

The rest are a little less personal but as I said before, I’m having fun with them. The “To” and “From” go on the back. 


I also made all of my Christmas cards this year. Forgot to take pictures of them before I mailed them out.  But alas, no hand made gifts this year.  No time.

Well, this may be my last post of the year so I’ll say:

I hope you all have a very

Merry Christmas

and a

Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2012!

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  1. These tags are so cute and clever. Let us know if little G perks up and remembers the fun times seeing the tags. That's a cool idea! xoxo


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