August 21, 2011

Who Am I?

Another page for the Traveling Art Journal. The theme this time is self portraits. The journal belongs to Valerie, who is the groups leader.  I hope you like.


If you’re a reader of my blog you’ve probably seen this stencil before.  It’s one I created when I took Maryann Moss’ class on stenciling. 

As I said before the theme is self -portraits and we’re also supposed to tell something about ourselves.  I used collage elements to do just that.


The barcode below was from a concert I attended and I’ve included it because it left a big impression on me, hic…


All I want is an umbrella in my drink and served to me in Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Fiji, or Tahiti.  Or any where on an ocean beach. (I thought I’d better say an ocean beach before someone reminds me that we have a “beach” in town called Tingly Beach. Unfortunately, that beach is nothing more than a refurbished ditch bank.)


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  1. You do such a great job with the stencils. Love it! xoxo


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