October 28, 2011

I’m Back !!

If you will recall my posts, stretching out over several months, whining that I didn’t have a space to call my own for art….well, no more whining (well not about that subject anyway). We’ve moved and I have my own space again.  Yay! 

It took me about a month to find the “right” rental house. By “right” house, I mean big enough, cheap enough and in the right location. The more inexpensive rentals were on the west side but neither My Guy nor My Girl wanted to live there…too windy and dusty. But now were are close to Little Man’s daycare, and both My Guy & My Girl workplaces and in an area we all like.  Little man is loving having his own room, with enough space for all his toys, and not sharing with Nana’s office.

So, now I don’t have any excuse to not make art.  So this is my first piece in the new space …. trying to get back in the groove again AND work on the next Traveling Art Journal. I’ve only had that journal in my hands for a month.  (sorry but I did have a good excuse…moving)



Yellow is a happy color isn’t it!  I feel happy to have my own refuge again. 


  1. I can feel the joy in this piece of art!!!Congratulations on the new place, and space!!! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Yay! Great spread! I am feeling your joy. This better mean that you reply to emails a lil sooner now...right? hehehe xoxo

  3. Linda, so glad you dropped by my site the other day to say hello! Love your art journaling and coincidentally I had a dream about art journaling just the other night, in spite of the fact that I have never done it.


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