January 9, 2011

Finally back at it

How were your holidays? I hope they were as good as mine were. Lots of family and LOTS of eating. I think I gained 8 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I felt so bad that I had to start dieting right after Christmas. I was so adamant that I had to do something, I didn’t even wait for the new year to do it. South Beach diet works for me so that’s what I’m doing.  I’m in the middle of the second week and I’ve already lost the holiday lbs.  Yay!!  Exercise…Booo but it has to be done….grudgingly, of course.

I’m also back at art journaling. But to get motivated I had to take the Strathmore Artist Papers journal workshop and while I’m not following directions exactly I am getting inspired.  The first workshop is about recycling your work from previous art pages.

I’m not sure it’s still open for signups but the ning workshop can be found at: 


This is my first from the class:



Now just to get down to butterfly weight. Yeah, that’s gonna be one B-I-G butterfly.


  1. Great job on your journaling page - so many people seem to be participating in the Strathmore challenge. Glad you have lost your Christmas pounds and the diet is working so well for you. Exercise - yeah, I agree with you, LOL.

  2. Happy New Year!! I love your art journal page. I just got finished with an art journal page for a circle journal that I am doing. It is so much fun!


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