January 11, 2011

I’ve been in a pissy mood


Yeah, I’ve been in a very pissy mood lately. Family issues started it and my job isn’t making it any better.  My day job, as you may know from prior posts, is in tech support and for the last two weeks I have been dealing with a, much more than usual, number of people who just don’t read for comprehension. Or don’t listen.  Why, why do you call someone for help and then refuse to listen to what they say?  You are wasting my time and yours. So stop it!! 

It really doesn’t bother me when someone doesn’t know how to use the computer, in my industry, I kind of expect it.  What makes me pissy is when I have to repeat myself 3 times to get them to hear me (and no they are not physically deaf)  or if they think they know what they are doing so they jump ahead and we have to start all over again.  I don’t know how many times I have said “Do this and when this happens, let me know but don’t click on anything”…..and they click anyway. I wish I could say ‘if you knew what you were doing you wouldn’t have to call me.  So stop it!! ‘

Last week I emailed a co-worker and told her “if Jonesy (name made up to protect the not so innocent) calls back, tell her I died and went to (insert program name here) hell.” Sure enough the “Jonesy” emailed me saying she didn’t understand the instructions. Yeah, what a surprise!  These are the same instructions I’ve been sending out for over a 2 years to other people who did understand them just fine.  “I’ll send you pictures next week” I said, if I haven’t blown my head off by then.

This is a result of my pissiness:




  1. Dealing with people can be the pits. Unfortunately it is the 5% that ruin it for everybody. I hear what you are saying! Hope things improve and people start to listen and use their brains.

  2. The good news is that your pissy-ness turned into something gorgeous!!! So glad you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!

  3. Haaaa! She DOES look pissy. I take my hat off to you - I couldn't do your job, I'd have to use one of those spy phones that electrocutes people if they don't listen. I'm glad you have more patience than I do! :)


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