August 21, 2010

Yes, We Have No Piñatas

Just a page I created to get something off my chest.  I feel better now.

Yes, We Have No Pinatas

I have a “blogging without obligation” motto for my blog but I still feel guilty for not posting more often. In my defense, I have been working on several projects at the same time, but they are in various stages of incompletion. So I had nothing to show except my piss poor attempts at humor.  Here is what I have on the drawing board:

I have a painted walking stick, taken from our Butterfly bush, that I actually plan on taking for a walk. It’s almost done.  It just needs some varnish to protect the finish.

I’m also making a new 6” X 6” journal. The cover is made with recycled materials. You may be surprised at what I used.

And I have a 14” x 17” mixed media painting/collage that needs some lettering done on it.  I’m really liking how this one is turning out so I don’t want to rush it and make a mess of it. 

Of course, I have my art journal that I work in sporadically.

And I’ve also decided to practice sketching faces in the Sabrina Ward Harrison bound sketch book I purchased last time I was in Albuquerque. It has too many pages to paint in. It would get too bulky so I’m just going to sketch in it.

In the weird but true category: Lately I seem to see faces  in all sorts of odd places. No, not faces of Jesus, just faces. For example, last night I was watching an artist interview on Ovation TV and in the background was a curtain hanging in such a way that the light and shadows created an image of the face.  It passed so quickly that I had to rewind the interview so I could see if I imagined seeing it. It was 1:30 am after all and I’d had a Margarita earlier in the evening….so you never know.  So I paused the interview at just the right spot, ran and got my sketch book and sketched it.  I’ve decided that if they are going to appear to me, I’m going to sketch them.  They’re there for a reason, don’t you think?



  1. Hi, Linda! Nice journal page! The human brain is hard-wired to recognize faces ... so we can easily pick up patterns in all sorts of things that LOOK like faces, but aren't. Hope you have a fabulous week! :-)

  2. Hi Linda! Just wanted to leave you a big congrats on the birth of your grandson. And also to say hi. :-))) xoxo, Aimeslee

  3. Hi Linda, I know how you feel about multiple projects on the go at the same time.

    I love the journal page.


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