September 7, 2010

Saying our goodbyes to our favorite beach

As you may have read, we are moving to NM soon and in these last few weeks that remain, we are visiting some of the places and restaurants we have loved in Northern California. Saturday, my guy and I went to say our goodbyes to Stinson Beach.  We’ve celebrated our anniversary there a few times and spent many a weekend walking the long stretch of beach over the last 23 years both with and without our daughter and her assorted friends. There were a lot of great memories created there.

Here is my guy looking out at the ocean after a long walk.


My feet in the water. It felt so good.


Do you see where the hill tapers off into the water?  That’s where we started our walk. There’s hardly any one that walks out this far unless they live there. (There are houses to the left of where we were standing.) It was our “3 hour tour” but, alas, we didn’t get stranded on a lovely island.


Here is my tribute to our lovely weekend.

23 Year Vacation

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  1. Your journal page make me choke up! I know how much we all love California but I'm so glad you guys will be close to us again. I love you.


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