August 6, 2010

How happy can a chubby girl be?

Just a couple of pages to show you today:

The first was from a vintage ad that had this woman along with the words:

“How happy can a chubby girl be?” It was an ad for clothing. I don’t think the manufacturer would dare to run an ad like that today.

Chubby Girl


This page is a simple one made with tape from TapeSwell and Michael’s.  In order to add the black charcoal I had to paint the tape with clear gesso. Once the gesso dried I added the smudged charcoal and set it with Krylon Fixative so it wouldn’t rub off.

The flowers were some extra die cuts I had leftover from another project. Now when I look at them, they seem to need some definition.

Tape art

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Linda! Never would have thought to use charcoal on a journal page, but you got excellent results! Very creative! And so smart to use a fixative, too!

    And I like the vintage sepia tone you used with your vintage layout! Nice! :-)


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