March 1, 2010

Handmade Journal

Today is the start of the March Art Journal Challenge at Yesterday, I realized I didn’t have a journal to work in. So what to do? I looked around at Micheal’s for a journal  with watercolor paper but they only carry journals with sketch paper. I like to scrub my pages and I’m always afraid that the sketch paper will tear.

I really didn’t want to drive to Davis to the Borders bookstore to buy a moleskin so next best thing?  Buy a pad of watercolor paper and make one. The last journal I made had only one signature and I wanted to make one with enough pages for 30 days of journaling so I needed 15 pages or between 3 and 5 signatures. I opted for 5 five signatures of 3 pages each.

My book cover was made from illustration board and painted Pink with Brown polka dots.  But I made a newbie mistake when creating the holes for the stitching. One, I was in a hurry and I didn’t let it dry thoroughly. and two, I used a awl instead of a Japanese screw punch to make the holes in the cover. So as I was punching the holes, the edge split. I think the eyelets will keep it in place. If not, oh well, lesson learned. But I like the way it looks.

Another thing I would do differently is use thicker thread.  I used quilting thread so I think it will hold up but I would look nicer with thicker thread.

I found this really wonderful illustration of the Coptic stitch on Youtube. I recommend it highly.


Here it is! By the way, the brown dots are scrapbook paper glued on the pink cover.

Handmade Journal 2

Handmade Journal

I love it. Can’t wait to start using it.


  1. I love your handmade journal. I also love the colours you have chosen and as dots are a personal favourite, it couldn't be more beautiful. Love your binding too. I don't think you ever need to worry about buying an art journal again.

  2. Hi, Linda! Fabulous handmade journal! I bet you'll have so much fun working in a journal you made yourself! Enjoy! :-)

  3. It looks amazing. Thanks for the heads up on twitter so I could come and see it.


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