March 6, 2010

Cutting up my credit card

Thanks to Beverly at the I am back to art jounaling on a regular basis.  I told myself after Kelly Kilmer’s class that I should be working on my own prompts. That choosing my own was the best way to work on finding “My Style.”  But after the slump I have been in, I decided to get my mojo back any way I could and if it takes someone else’s prompts to do it, so be it.  Some of the prompts strike a cord right away, some take a bit longer.

March 2nd Prompt: Credit cards

This prompt came at a very opportune time.  Chase Bank, who took over after WAMU went belly up, had just sent me a replacement card for the WAMU card. So I had one to cut up for this prompt.

Credit card

March 3rd & 4th:  Blue and Doodles, respectively. Not much to say about this one, except the background is watercolors instead of my usual acrylic paints. The flowers are colored with watercolor pencils and/or Intense pencils.

Blue Doodles

March 5th & 6th: Past and Present.

Yes that little girl is me as a child. Since my mom passed, I’ve been going through old photo albums and I found this kid picture of me I wanted to use. Today was the perfect time to try a new method of image transfer.

I used an ink jet transfer method to get the image onto the journal page. after testing, I think I prefer the toner based method more. The water based Ink jet image is easier to mess up. 

The Here and Now side was done with a stenciled image of me that I created a few months ago after taking Mary Ann Moss’ Stencilery class. I’ll probably use it a few more times because I like how it looks. :)


I’d love to hear what you do to get out of a creative funk.


  1. Good for you Linda, for starting over again. I did the same thing as you, I thought I would do better by finding my own way, but ended up not journaling for several months.
    I get into many creative funks, luckily they don't last more than a few weeks. During that time I keep sketching,scribbling, and writing down ideas on any piece of paper I find...eventully the drive to create comes back. For art Journaling, I like the idea of doing a page daily, like you would a diary, something to remind you in the future of how your life was.
    Kelly Kilmer did a fantastic blog post today, you should check it out.
    Good luck!

  2. love the freshness of the blues and doodles but they are all great journal pages. I think you may have hit the nail on the head... it is one thing to follow your own prompts but to have to use something can get the muse working. I find this with a lot of my collages.

    I keep meaning to get down to some journaling, infact it was why I started collaging after I found a stash of old family photos ( or do I mean scrapbooking? ) but I guess they can mean the same thing.


  3. Fabulous journal work on this. Love your style
    hugs June xxxx

  4. Hi, Linda! Great journal pages! So glad you are able to get some art journaling in. It is such a stress reliever for me! I especially like your "Blue and Doodles" layout! :-)


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