November 2, 2009

New Work Using Stencil and Spray Paint

This is acrylic painting on a birch wood substrate. The base layers were texture medium and covered with gesso.  The underlying acrylic paint colors were added using a brush. Used were the colors: yellow, green, blue, purple, magenta and orange.  You can really see the texture in the close ups.

Bird Abstract Close Up 1

The black paint was all added using spray paint and stencils. The focal image, the bird, is a stencil as is the radiating sun-like image in orange. Both were added using spray paint in aerosol cans 

Bird Abstract Close Up 2

The balance of the black was added using 3 different lace pieces.  Here is what the whole thing looks like.

Bird Abstract


  1. Wow, that is fantastic, so colourful and bright. Love the bird stencil.

  2. Linda, I really love this technique and the way it turned out.

  3. this is beautiful. I love the color and the composition and the lace painting adds such a great touch to it.


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