November 22, 2009

It always happens when it rains

It always happens when it rains.  When it’s wet, dreary, foggy and cold outdoors is when I start my pacing around the house feeling restless and confined.  Even though our winter just started, I am already staring out the window longing for spring and summer. 

You’d think, by the way I’m whining, that I’d never spent time in a location that had real winters. I have. In fact, I spent 33 years in New Mexico and in winter the temperatures can drop down into the minus area of the thermometer and stay that way for days on end.  However, even when it’s biting cold outside, the sun still shines. Some days, it even snows with the sun shining. How cool is that?

In California, the temperature doesn’t drop quite so dramatically. In fact, it rarely drops below freezing temp (I do love that). But when it gets rainy, cloudy and dreary, it can last for days and even weeks.  It can be depressingly melancholy (is that redundant?)  I don’t know how people live in Oregon and Washington or in the Great Lakes area.

Have I ever mentioned that we lived in Illinois near the Great Lakes for 15 months? Well, I’ll leave the story of why we were in that hell hole for another time but Oh.My.God, talk about the extreme weather.  Hot with stifling humidity in the summer or months of freezing temps and 10” of snow in winter.  There was barely any middle ground.  I’ve never been so happy to leave a place. No offense to anyone living in the Great Lakes area. I honestly envy your fortitude. I could never make that place home, I’m too much of a wuss.

It was one of these recent rainy Cali days that I created this journal page. It includes a picture I took last summer of the sunflowers grown in my area. I needed some color to cheer me up and this page did the trick.


I Miss

I miss Spring, I miss the promise of long hot summer days.

What season makes you come alive?


  1. Hey hun. God, I am so ashamed. Totally crapped on your wanna play thing. And I've all but quit reading blogs. Thanks for your concern on my health. I so wish a chiro would fix it. I have degenerative arthrtitis in that hip and they told me years ago I would need a hip replace one day. So I started the low carb diet back up cuz I have to lose like 50 pounds before they operate and since being overweight will soon be a crime, I'll just be grateful I can still smoke cigs in my garage. {snort}

    But what is weird is that the LAST time I had the flu was 2002 and that is when I came down with all of my arthritises, or they became active. Now, I get the flu again and have this hip pain and further dengeneration. I think it's related somehow. Gonna ask my doc next time I go.

    Anyway, I perused several of your posts and enjoyed your art and posts. Congrats, Grannie! Are you still doing Kelly? I may buy another month in 2010.


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