August 4, 2009

What is your favorite type of journal?


The journal pages shown in this post are the last three pages in my current journal. After a year and a half I have finally filled it up.

The above page is, as it says, about some toys I had as a child.  I can’t say that toys were a big part of my life growing up.  I have many more memories of playing outdoors, doing whatever, than indoors with toys.

Missing You

The above is about My Girl. It says “You had to go and grow up. You needed to assert your independence. So you flew the coop and started your new life 2 states away and now I am missing you.”


And the last is about My Guy. He’s my rock.

Now I've got to find, make, or buy a new one.  Should I get another moleskin? A wire bound journal or make my own? 

I’ve also been thinking of getting a simple binder, like the kind you had in high school, and creating my journal pages look leaf, then adding them to the binder.  I kind of like that idea because then I won’t have to worry about getting paint on the other pages.

What is your favorite type of journal?


  1. Geez, now there's a loaded question! I wish I knew!

    I like spiral bound ones but I don't like that I can't take the pages out.

    Moleskines are my current favorite. I have about five of them. There is one that has heavy paper you can do just about any thing to. The bad part is that it only comes in one size.

    I think the loose leaf idea is a great one! I may have to try that as well.

    Congrats on filling up your journal! The pages are great!

  2. I like Moleskine and I found,yesterday,two "journal" with handmade paper.I will try something with them.
    I like your last artworks,it is very fine.
    Jean Marie.

  3. i have all of those kinds
    but right now i am more into the binders...because i am recycling the cardboard from boxes to become the pages...(gesso and go) and it is a lot easier to just punch holes and place them in the binder
    than to try to hand sew a binding...
    if you prepunced(sp) small holes though
    the hand sewn binding would be easier..
    i am into fast and easy tho and binder does it
    and then if you want to do a watercolor paper...or any other thin or think paper
    or a project turned out particularly cool it can be easily added...and too
    you CAN decorate that binder!

    and the shown work for the 3 journals you have been filling are well done!
    nice looking family!

  4. Hi, Linda! Fabulous journal pages. Have fun selecting your next one! You'll figure it out! :-)

  5. I'm currently working on art journal no. 5. My first one was a notebook I had bought ages ago, and turned out to be not so practical, as the pages were too thin for my work. It nearly fell apart before I could finish it, so I moved on to a Moleskine.

    My first Moleskine was a large watercolour one, but I found that the size restricted me. It took me a long time to fill it up. My next Moleskine was a large sketchbook, and I loved the creamy paper, and the size, and I filled it up no problem.

    Then I decided to create my own books using old cardboard boxes like boxes dvd's my Love ordered came in, or cereal boxes. The first one I made was just a bunch of 'pages' with two hinged rings, and I am currently working on a loose leaf binder one filled with the same kind of 'pages'.

    I really like the binder, because like you said you can take your pages out to work on them, but you can also add pages along the way. And working with found and recycled materials means it costs next to nothing, which isn't something that can be said for Moleskines. Next time I will use manila folders for pages, they come pretty darn close to Moleskine card stock.

    Hope this helps!

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