August 13, 2009

The Gift

The Gift

Some of my favorite gifts have been the small ones that I would have never thought I’d receive. For example, I hadn’t spoken to My Girl about my favorite cookies in ages but she read my blog about Biscochito cookies just before Christmas.  When we went to Albuquerque for Christmas my dear Girl made a batch of them for me on Christmas morning. It was even more special because I’m the only on in the family that likes them because the cookies have anise in them.  That precious girl got up extra early on Christmas morning to make them and they were heavenly. 

Many years ago I used to commute to the next town over for work. The commute included a 5 mile trip on a two lane canyon road and many times it was in dark, rainy weather.  When I’d get home I’d always complain about the tailgaters.  One year on my birthday, my husband gave me the following: a pound of my favorite coffee from the specialty shop, yum, and a license plate holder that said “Back off or I’ll flick a booker on your windshield.”  I died laughing and ran right out to put on the car. That plate provided many years of laughs because you could always look in the rear view mirror and catch people either laughing or getting disgusted as they read the plate holder.  Yes, we have a perverse sense of humor.

So what little, unexpected gift have you received that you’ll never forget?

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  1. I agree those are the best kind of gifts! I have a bit of a crass sense of humor myself...what can I say, we like family guy in this house! I would have chuckled at that license plate for sure! I have four stickers on my car and look in the mirror for reactions!! It's fun! I also love my favorite coffee or chocolate as a gift....or nice unexpected baking.... very nice!! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles


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