August 20, 2009

What are you working on?

Funny Girl

It’s been a quiet week at work so I’ve had time to work on some art. Here are a couple of the journal pages I have been working on.  The above picture is of me … in my dreams.  Actually it’s one I pulled from an advertisement in Woman’s magazine.  I’ve been having a good time mixing and layering colors, for the background, I would normally not use together.  The black and white tape is some that I’ve had since I was quilting. It a stitching guide for hand quilting.

Girl 2

  I’m back on a kick of painting faces again. I still find them hard to do but getting better little by little, if I do say so myself. :)

OK don’t look too closely because Ewww, my scan makes my girl look like she has black facial hair. She doesn’t, honest, I made sure she shaved beforehand.  Looks like the scanner glass needs to be cleaned.

So tell me, what are you working on?


  1. great pages
    i am seeing a lot interest surfacing on painting faces so you are in the loop...

    i am working on a painting too..not a face though

  2. Just saw your post at Francine's blog, came over here and am blown away. Loving the KK pages (winkwink). I'm just now getting my butt in gear to finish up the ones I have done and get them scanned to upload. I've been having a blast doing the prompts. You? Your PAGES LOOK AMAZING in case you did not know. Oh, and are we both gonna do les petit dolls too? I'm in, if it's not already filled up. Tried to get in to register and it won't let me til the 25th, I think.


  3. The facial hair comment cracked me up! No matter how much you clean the scanner glass there's always something on it.

    Your doing great with the faces! You can see you've been working on the shading values.

  4. I often have the same problem with my faces....and my own face too looks like facial hair, but I'm sure I got it all!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Linda I think your faces look great and by the way, I love the background in the top picture.


  6. I am loving your journal page, and your portrait looks good! I always have little black specks when I scan, that aren't there on the original piece....really need a new scanner;)
    oh, almost forgot, I'm working on watercolor sketching and pencil sketching, but its time for a new art journal page!

  7. Hi, Linda! Love your journal page! It is so nice to have someone to laugh with! And your painting is just gorgeous! :-)


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