May 9, 2009

More from the 30 Day Challenge

Continuing on in the 30 day challenge:

May 5th: Copper Swirls 12 x 12 on wood

May 5-09 Copper Swirls

There is something about copper that calls to me.  Aged copper especially. There is a gorgeous building in Sacramento that has a copper roof with a verdigris patina that I love to look at every time I drive by.  This painting reminds me of that roof. OK so the roof doesn’t have swirls….. what can I say? :)


May 6th:  Silver Love (for lack of a better name) 6 X6 canvas

May 6-09 Silver love

The silver paint bubbled when I tried to blow dry it and I loved how it looked.


May 7th – In My Happy Place  12 X 9 Canvas Board.

May 7-09 In My Happy Place

The flower is 3-D paper flower that is replica of the one directly behind it on the canvas board.  My husband really loves this one.  He’s directed me to frame it!! He’s such a sweetie.

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  1. Hi, Linda! Love your paintings! It is so hard to come up with names, isn't it? And how cool is it that your hubby wants you to frame one!?! Wooo-hooo! :-)


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