May 21, 2009

How to survive a bad news


These past 2 weeks have been very hard to deal with.  First we find out that my mother’s breast cancer may have returned and that it might include skin cancer from the radiation treatment from the last time she had it.  I don’t yet know the extent of the treatment she will go though because she has limited mobility and she doesn’t want radiation again.  I don’t blame her.  Unfortunately, she lives in New Mexico while I’m in California and, for reasons you’ll read in the next paragraph, I won’t be able to be with her as much as I should be and I feel terrible about that.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, I learned today that due to the economy my husband will probably be taking a 20% pay cut to help cut costs and keep the company running.  He asked me what I thought about that and what can you say and stay supportive except that 80 %  is better than nothing.  To myself I say, that pay cut is going to put a real crimp in my being able to visit my mom.  This just couldn’t come at a worse time.  And yes I still blame Bush !!

So how have I been coping? Thanks to Gary Reef’s 30 day challenge, creating art has really helped me maintain some semblance of  calm.  I lose myself in painting for a few hours at a time. It’s helped tremendously. 

May 11 th

May 11-09

May 12th (and 13th and 14th actually)


May 13 th


May 14 th


This painting started out as some thing entirely different and morphed into some thing that helped me deal with my own sense of mortality.  It has a lonely, sad feel to me.

I wish I could post these more often but since my scanner has been on the fritz, I have to photograph them and then edit them and it’s taking more time than I have right now.   I need a scanner and I better get it before that pay cut goes into effect. I cheap one is all I need for now. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm so sorry about your mom. That is so hard to deal with when they live so far away. Hopefully you'll be able to manage a trip or two when she needs you most!

  2. Hi, Linda! So sorry to hear of your struggles. We are suffering through a pay cut here, too ... but I am grateful for the continued employment! I know it is soooo tough to be away from the ones you love when they are hurting, but there are other ways to be "there" for your mom, too. Do you have a calling plan where you could call her and talk as long as you want? Then call all the time! Or consider getting a tape recorder and talk into a tape. Read her a story or two, out loud (I recommend a glass of water nearby!), into the tape so she can play it whenever she wants. Send her cards. Or paintings. I'm sure she'll love any way that you choose to show her you care and are thinking about her during this difficult time. Thinking happy thoughts for you and yours.


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