March 7, 2009

Learning Digital Collage

I’ve been taking a Digital Journaling class from Christy of  The Average American Girl.  The class focus is on designing, maintaining a blog and hopefully make it more interesting.  Christy’s class is being held at ArtisticAvanteGarde which is a ning site. The first lesson is learning  to create a digital collage image for a blog background. 

So I’ve downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Elements 7 for use in the class and I’ll tell you, the program is not that  easy to figure out. It has so many functions, which is great, but I think I’ll need to buy a manual to learn how to use them all.   For many years I’ve used Ulead’s PhotoImpact and have gotten quite proficient in it.  However, the version of the program I use doesn’t work on Vista and it doesn’t use layers.  Since the class requires the use of layers, I had to try something new.  Thus Photoshop Elements. 

While waiting for the second week’s lesson to start up I have been busy downloading all the cool brushes I could find.  There were tons of free brushes made for PhotoShop but usable in Elements.  I used some of them to create this digital collage.  All the flourishes were created with the free brushes. I just love them. 

Collaged Woman


What imaging program do you use? 


  1. Ah you are going to hate me by the time the class is over as you will have more new addictions than just brushes mwaahaaha
    Love your collage. It's lovely!

  2. Great work Linda...when I grow up I want to be just like you and make beautiful art with Photoshop..
    lol...seriously you did a great job and I wish I was as far along as you are...

  3. I use Photoshop - the full boat. But I will say that it took me YEARS just to get somewhat comfortable with it, and I probably only use 25% of it's full functionality. My husband uses it quite a bit (as a hobby) and so I have it too. I resisted using it because the learning curve was SO steep, but he assured me that Photoshop was so superior to any other program that it was worth the time to learn. I'm glad I can use it, and I think you will be, too!


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