March 5, 2009

Do You Wave at Strangers?

I consider myself a friendly person and I don’t have any qualms about waving to people as I’m walking or driving down the road.  Nice thing is that most of these folks will wave back and smile.  It makes me feel good and, if nothing else, I have made someone smile for a minute? 

However, I have a neighbor who I have lived down the street from for the last two and half years.  When he is outdoors, I wave hello to him every time I leave the house.  This guy never does more than just look, not even a smile.  He appears to be of Middle Eastern descent  so it may be his culture not to speak to strange women but it doesn’t stop me, I still wave. . . . Maybe someday he will wave back.

But in the mean time I dedicate this journal page to him.  

Wave to Strangers

How about you, do you wave to strangers?


  1. I don't actually wave to them, but I often speak to them. Usually they don't speak back (especially in New York City!) but that's okay). It's mostly the talking I'm interested in. Good for you for waving.

  2. Hi, Linda! I waved at a neighbor just last night. His wife and I wave to each other all the time ... but he sat there in the shade and just stared. No wave back. Whatever! :-)

  3. Hi Linda, Living in Louisiana all my life, it is not uncommon at all for people that don't know each other to wave or to speak to each other. Many times while waiting in line at the grocery store, theater or wherever total strangers will carry on conversations as if they've know each other all their lives. It's really neat. xoxo, Toni Curtis


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