September 21, 2008

Soul Journal - Lost and Found

The theme this week is Lost and Found.  Kathryn says (edited for brevity) "It is time to think about things that we’ve lost. In this step, your journaling will be very personal and unique to your own interpretation of the theme “lost.” Give yourself some time to reflect on the topic." 

I used this theme as an opportunity to address a very hard time in my marriage. Every image and embellishment was chosen carefully for what they symbolize, although it may not be apparent to the reader without explanation.

The "lost" message says "There was a time period [lasted two years] where I lost hope that my marriage would survive. We simply went through the motions  for our daughter's sake. It was difficult and painful for both of us [husband and I]." 

Lost & Found

The wedding picture is self-explanatory, the journal page is about marriage. The lotto ticket symbolizes the risk you take when you choose a mate. The chance that you may be heartbroken at some point or that the marriage will fail.

Found Me

The choice of color, sheet music and brightness of the heart represented the change that occurred within me, when I finally made the choice to work on me for me and not because it was something my husband wanted.  In 2005, I rediscovered myself, joy, my love of music, and my creativity.  I became so much happier because of those changes and those changes affected how my husband looked at me, looked at himself and our marriage.  The change was monumental and profound. I no longer lived for my husband, I lived for me and in the process saved my marriage. The numbers 448, is my personal reminder of that change. The number also represents other things, which I won't go into at this time.

Do Over

The "Bon Voyage" image represents how close we came to saying goodbye, to going our separate ways.  The "2-of-Hearts" represents the choice we made to "Do Over" or try again and was purposely placed over the Bon Voyage image.

The excerpt of the lyrics to the Rolling Stones song says "You can't always get what you want, But if you try sometimes,

You just might find, You get what you need."


My Affirmations:


Affirmative Statments


And so I leave you with this video to enjoy.  It's my favorite version of the song.

Thank you for reading.


  1. A fantastic page. I love all the words in the middle. Thank you for sharing the symbolism of your elements and for allowing us into your life - I am so happy that you found yourself and it made such a wonderful difference in your life. ~HUGZ~
    Joy >i< (Bluebelle235)

  2. you realized an importantance that a few get and many don't.
    only you can make you happy.
    if you are depending on someone else to do that job it isn't going to work.
    and it takes 2 to make a couple.
    glad that you both stuck it out and figured it all out.
    and i don't see where you think this page is not pretty.
    you are too IS 'pretty'
    and so is the message!

  3. Wonderful pages...lots of thought and great interpretaion of the prompts...great music choices too...I think I will just listen for a while!

  4. this is an amazing page of such creativity from the depths of your art. I'm talking about the entire blog page. Everything said so beautifully and explained in detail. I love this!! thanks for sharing.

  5. This page is so amazing! And it tells such an important story. It's wonderful that you found yourself and saved your marriage at the same time. It doesn't often happen that way.

    And I disagree totally with your comment on the yahoo group that your page not being pretty - it's wonderful!

  6. I love this page and can so relate to the entire theme back in 1999 - 2000. Thanks for sharing your art and heart.

  7. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - /and you are the only person who has ever guessed about the shavings. Absurdly, I thought that they were so pretty.

    I like your lost and found page ... the part my lovely dial-up computer woul diegn to show me.

    I just found the soul journaling too. :)




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