September 17, 2008

Soul Journal - Instant gratification

Soul Journaling idea was started by Sarah Whitmire at Caspiana and has now been taken over by Kathryn Antyrs on her blog at I just learned all this thanks to my friend, Jennifer Williams. (Thanks Jennifer!) Because I started late I'm behind but I've promised myself that I'm not going to stress about getting caught up or keeping up. I will do only the themes I find interesting and pass on the ones I don't. I have so many other art projects I want to try that if I try to keep up with them all, I'll drive myself crazy.

The theme of this page isn't instant gratification it's about getting instant gratification from creating the page. It's about creating the page without waiting for gesso to dry, to create with supplies you have on hand. Create something in 30 minutes.

However, me do something in 30 minutes? Never happen. No matter how easy it is, I manage to dwell on it. As I looked through my magazines for a good image to use, there were many good ones but none spoke to how I have been feeling this week until I ran across this one. I've blurred the text somewhat as it has some very private thoughts.


Soul Journaling also has a home at: Join us.


  1. I'm with you on taking longer than 30 minutes! I'm a slow creator, but that's ok. Your page is great.

  2. we all have weeks and days like this
    i don't know where you found this picture but it is perfect for the descriptive word!
    it takes me longer than 30 minutes too...
    it has taken me a day to just get me some leaves 'started' for our current exercise..i don't think it is about how speedy or slow we might be
    but what we are getting from the experience.

  3. Wonderful image - sometimes I feel like I am twisted up like a pretzel!!! ~HUGZ~


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