August 5, 2008

Soul Journals

Not long ago I was blog surfing and found this great blog written by Sarah Whitmire called Caspiana. Sarah started a art journal project last month called "Soul Journaling." When I read her words, "I want these books to be a mess of words, color, collage, etc. I want you to be able to be totally free with these and use them to express anything you wish," I decided to follow along. I started late and so I've been busy catching up. Lucky for me Sarah took a short vacation so I could catch up.  That's what I have been up to recently....catching up.

The good thing about starting late is that I could sneak a peek at the pages to come while working on the previous pages. It really helped me to continue with the project. In other words I liked what I saw.  The bad part is that I haven't posted my images on Sarah's blog so I haven't been a part of her community. As soon as I finish this entry I will. Hopefully I won't be too late to join in.  So here goes

Now I didn't take photographs of the whole process but just of the finished pages.  The instructions for the pages were written over several days so what you are seeing here is just the end product but I will list the Journal "Days" from her blog. 

"Claiming your Journal" and "How to protect your creative soul": Days 2-5



Inchie Art: Day 5-6 and Day 9



I Forgot to Tell You: Day 7 - 8, there will be more to come on this page

I Forgot to tell you


  Recreate our home: Day 10 - 15


Close ups

Home detail pg 1Home detail pg 2

  About this page, I feel the need to explain that the house on the left is my home and the one on the right is my daughters home, which is 1100 miles away. The song lyric says how much I miss her.

Now I have to admit that I jumped from creating the house to the next assignment and skipped right over the "paper dolls"  I still want to do this but I also wanted to catch up.

Magazine Stencil technique: Day 15 & 16

Using magazine stencils

The stencils were supposed to be people but this doggie said 'use me'. See the doggie looking up at the woman and she is finger crunching?  I think it's because I've been yearning to get a doggie for a pet. Still trying to convince myself it's not a good idea because we don't have much of a back yard. Plus I'm afraid he'll fall in the pool and drown. That would kill me.  I (we) still miss our Charlie, RIP. Charlie was the cutest red/black haired Pomeranian and had the best disposition. sniff, sniff...

I Can Count on Us: Day 17

Not the real name of the project but what my page said it should be called.

I Can Count On You

That's where I am so far.

Thanks for looking, come back soon for the next installment. Enjoy your life and your art.


  1. I just finished mine and I am going to miss the sarah prompts. Yours are super! I sure enjoy seeing how others pages have turned out!

  2. Love your art journal pages! I've just gotten started using Sarah Whitmire's prompts. It is so amazing how similar your Soul Armor is to mine! And yet they are both unique!

    By the way, if you'd like to trade blog links, let me know! (Just click through my name and e-mail me!) I'm having so much fun making my art journal AND seeing how everyone else's pages turned out! :-)

  3. Linda - Thanks so much for trading blog links! I like the pages with your house and your daughter's house, too. It looks like all the lights are on inside. So cheerful!


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