July 23, 2008

Ever Feel Powerless?

As I was creating this journal page I realized the reason these images called to me was because they spoke to the feeling of powerlessness I get on occasion.  It's a feeling you get when you wish you could change something in your life but there is nothing you can do. 

One example:  My baby girl, who is no longer a baby, got married last year and moved to NM.  I miss her more every day but there isn't anything I can say to make her want to move back to California. She has a wonderful husband, a great job and she just bought a new home.  I understand why she moved there and yet I hate that she is so far away. It doesn't help that the cost to fly to NM is skyrocketing. My plan to fly there every few months to see her is not looking all that feasible anymore.  I'm very thankful that we are closer than ever before and that I have the opportunity to speak to her by phone at least 4 times a week.




  1. maybe I should feel so lucky that my son has just bought a house right down the road from where we live. I have members of my family who have emigrated and can understand how you feel - John

  2. Hi John,
    What I wouldn't do to have my girl just up the street. You are so lucky. I guess I understand how my own mother felf when we moved away.
    Thanks for visiting.


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