July 22, 2008

It's official

It's official.  I sold my first piece of art. When I received the email asking if the piece was for sale my mouth dropped open. I never expected to sell one of my pieces. I wasn't making them to sell and therefore it wasn't even listed as being for sale. But the buyer said she was interested and wanted to know how much I wanted for it. 

Of great, I never even considered that I'd sell my work but now I had to come up with a price?  How do I do that? It's not like you can charge by the hour, and who kept count any way?  Somehow I came up with a price and she still said yes. 

Wow, I sold my first piece.  Picture me jumping up and down at being validated as an artist. Here's the piece:

She Has Wings

Fly little birdie, to your new home, fly. And thanks Haley!


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