March 13, 2008

All I Can Think of is My Eyes



Here is my latest journal entry, created tonight to take my mind off the Lasik surgery I'm having tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, it only helped a little bit. I'm not sure what possessed me to have the surgery because I am scared sh#tless to do it. However, there is no turning back now.  Actually, this was My Guys idea, he wanted me to have it for our 21st anniversary (March 28th.)  I said I would only if he had the surgery as well. Frankly, I'm used to wearing glasses, I don't love them but I don't hate them either. Heck, I've had some sort of site correction apparatus, either glasses, hard contacts or soft contacts, for over 30 years. My Guy's only been wearing glasses for less than 8 years and he absolutely hates them. It seemed only right that we did it together. 

Well, my Guy had his surgery earlier today.  I was sneaky and made him go first. I wanted to see how it all turned out, so if there were any problems I could back out. Is that bad????  He was willing to be our test subject and I let him, well, because, and I fully admit it, I am a huge chicken.

I think I was more nervous for him this morning than he was. I believe he was nervous too but he has yet to admit it because he doesn't want me to freak out. I know him, he worries about me too.  We left for the surgery center at 9:15 am and got there at 10:00. He had the actual surgery about noon, so there was a lot of waiting in between.  We came home and he slept for about 5 hours and felt much better when he woke up.  Right now, he's downstairs watching the Kings game without his glasses and he's very happy about it.

I guess I shouldn't be but I am still worried. Everybody's experience is different and just because his went well doesn't mean mine will.  I will probably be a wreak tomorrow until my appointment at 3:30 pm. Greg said they help you out with the nerves and give you a couple of Valium to take the edge off. Yay for Valium. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck.  See you later. :)

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