September 28, 2007

What is your relationship with food?

That's the October 2008 Self-Portrait challenge. Here I'm eating a wonderful shrimp salad with vinagrette salad dressing while watching TV.

Later tonight Greg and I will go out for our usual Friday night dinner. It's something we both look forward to all week long. Friday nights are hard when you're dieting. "We" are dieting because I need to and he's doing it because he loves me and wants to experience what I'm going through. God, I love that man.

We are low carb dieting because it's the easiest one to follow. Once you go through the first week of phase one, all the cravings go away. Well most of them. You get to a place where you forget to eat until your stomach is crying for food. I love this diet because it easily translates into a great life style change. I'm such a carb addict that I literally and constantly crave breads, potatoes,'s all addicting to me.


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