September 29, 2007

From the Artella Daily Muse

The Artella Daily Muse had this list of writing prompts. What would you like to know? I'll attempt to answer them at a later date. (I'm also a procastinator, hehe) (it's now later, Sunday morning 9/30/07)

They say "Fill in the blanks with your answers."

1. If time and money weren’t factors, I’d love to take a course in ___ceramics, oil painting, watercolours, interior designing, architecture, get an arts degree, ethnology, playing steel drums, mosiacs, computer programming_.

2. I’ve always wanted to ask (person you know)__my now gone grandmother _ about __her life__.

3. I’ve always wanted to know how ___weightless _ works (feels).

4. My life would improve if I could only ___win the lottery, be less of a procrastinator, sleep more ___.

5. When I have a sleepless night, it’s usually because I’m worried about _finances or I've had too much coffee__.

6. The worst injustice I can think of is __child and domestic abuse, world hunger__.

7. When I was a kid, I was really passionate about ___astronomy ___.

8. I have always been embarrassed to admit that __soap operas __really interest me.

9. In my life, I have overcome ______?_________.

10. If I could volunteer for just one cause, it would be __domestic abuse hotline ___.

11. I wish I were better at __my art, decision making, cooking, making friends___.

12. I have always wondered why ___child and domestic abuse exists_____.


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