January 8, 2015

DLP–2015 January and Wk 1

Creating a Monthly page is not part of DLP but since my journal has 12 more pages than what is needed for the weekly challenges, I thought I ‘d create a monthly page. 

This month has a theme outside of what we’re doing in DLP: Birds just because I love birds.   …I’ve also added a tab for the month. I cut a tab template out of a file folder and covered it with patterned paper, then stamped the month on it. Then glued it behind the page, because there it will be covered with the add in I use for the planner portion.

DLP 2015 - Month of Jan

The weekly page is this:

DLP 2015 Wk1 full page


The DLP monthly theme is “blank pages”, meaning what to do when faced with a blank page. This weeks the theme is illustrated by covering the page with book papers. This is not new to me as I’ve been doing it for a while but it’s a favorite technique so I used them on my page.

DLP 2015 Wk1-bird close up

DLP 2015 Wk1 woman closeup

Now don't ask me why she's pointing, your guess is as good as mine.


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