October 18, 2010

My Walking Stick


The best, the most exquisite automobile is a walking stick; and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it” ~~~ by Robert Coates Holliday


I post or so ago, (it been so long I’ve forgotten), and before I left California, I wrote that I was working on a walking stick.  This stick was one I cut off of the big butterfly bush that was growing in the back yard of my house in Woodland. Every year I had to trim this huge bush because if I didn’t it would grow to be well over 9-10 ft tall. And when in bloom, it would also be full of big, fat, round, scary, black bees.  What I didn’t realize when I cut this stick was that it would become a beautiful walking stick (Well I think it is anyway.)  It was so sturdy and firm and miraculously shaped just right for my height and hands. 

When realized what I had, I decided to leave it be for a while and let it dry, then paint it. I didn’t know how long it would take to dry out so i left it for a year… more than enough time. Then I took my Dremmel and cut off and sanded the nubs.  Then painted it with gesso and acrylic paint. Then added some doodles and finished it off with several coats of outdoor Polyurethane.  This is the finished product:

WalkingStick 1


WalkingStick 5WalkingStick 4WalkingStick 3

Walking Stick 2

I’ve taken it out for a spin, very nice. :)


  1. Hi, Linda! What a terrific project! A useful item made from your own backyard and decorated with whimsy! Love it! :-)

  2. Linda, I admire your creativity. That quote says it all. Walking sticks are really one of the unique and most convenient tools for traveling, especially in the woods. The combination of those colors and patterns are beautiful. Do you have more works like this?


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