October 23, 2010

Cool Photographs


I took these photos during a walk in Old Sacramento sometime last year.  Don’t know why I hadn’t posted them before but I love them, especially the first one. So why am I posting them now? Feeling sentimental? Perhaps.  Bored?  Yeah That too. But mostly I just wanted to share something cool.

On the Boardwalk

This next one reminds me of an abstract painting. 

Patterns in everyday life

I purposely took this picture upside down so the words wouldn’t be the focus and you’d see just the wonderful pattern. (very Zentangle like). However,  I find myself looking at the words because they are upside down. Sheesh!

Cool patterns

I think I’ll take my camera out tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Linda! Love your textural photos! I am currently reading the book Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art by Susan Tuttle and these photos would be perfect to use in some of the collage techniques she shares! :-)


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