December 12, 2009

Expressing feelings without words

I’m not big on words, never have been.  Probably never will be no matter how much I try. I internalize everything especially the bad.  But this page wasn’t about the bad, it was about how I have felt since learning about the new grandbaby. It’s about feeling light and airy and colorful inside. In other words…..Happy.

No Words

I bought a new journal recently because it has fabulous textured paper and it opens flat. But, sadly, it’s not meant with be used with wet media and I almost tore the paper several times just adding gesso to the page.

To create this page  I used water color crayons and Inktense pencils to limit the moisture on the page.  I actually like how the colors came out and the transparency in the flowers.


  1. love the page and the transparency is great. oh yea, and i internalize all the time too (mostly about my art and my own head getting in the way). nice to see the expression of such joy and knowing that it is about your grand baby. how cool!

  2. Wow, inktenses, huh? I've heard of them. They are gorgeous. Love the little straps on the left stalk. xoxo


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