July 7, 2009

It was just a baby

in Honor of a Little Bird

This weekend, my guy and I were sitting in the backyard enjoying the afternoon when we heard a thud.  We looked around and found a cute baby scrub jay that had fallen out of its nest. The poor thing was scared out of it’s little bird head and he latched on for dear life to the wire shelf he fell on. It took the two of us to pry him loose.  My guy took him back to the tree he fell out of but couldn’t put him in the nest.  We hoped the mother bird would find it and keep him safe. 

The next morning I went out to look for him and the neighborhood cat had gotten to him. Poor baby.  Even the cats owner was upset that she hadn’t been able to keep her cat in the house. She has lots of kids and the cat runs out the door the minute one of the kids open it.

I’ve never been a cat person so I don’t see the appeal but I do understand it’s a natural thing for cats to chase and eat birds. But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss that little bird and his squawky song.

Other than that, I had a great 4th of July weekend.  How was yours? Didn’t the 3 day weekend just fly by?  Our town is the biggest 4th of July lover I have ever seen. Almost every one has a party and they all shoot off fireworks (legal in our county).  At least 4 different parties in our neighborhood had roman candles lighting up the sky all though the evening.  It was a site to see. Are fireworks legal where you live?


  1. I'm sad about the poor baby bird...so many birds are killed by domestic cats :-(

    however, I wanted to say how wonderful your page is. I love the bird stencils you used, and the wild colors! nice tribute to the poor baby

  2. Oh the poor baby! I nursed a baby bird once a long time ago and was just heartbroken when he died. It's usually those durn Tomcats that get them. Once they are fixed they don't hunt all that much.

    Your page turned out beautifully! What a wonderful tribute to the baby. I like the yellow and that big red stencil.

    Our city does a firework show each year. We can't shoot them off ourselves unless we are outside city limits.

  3. Hi, Linda! Sorry you got to witness part of the circle of life in a not-so-pleasant way. I like the artwork that you created in the bird's memory.


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