February 2, 2009

New Journal Pages

I haven’t been blogging much because I have been spending a lot of time visiting the various blogs participating in the One World One Heart event.  There are an an impressive number of blogs participating—over 850 blogs to date and possibly even more.   I have to say that I am very impressed by the quality of art being offered as a giveaways.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win one of those lovely prizes. 

In between visiting blogs and working, I have managed to create a couple of new journal pages. 

This page was my inspiration for the image I used on the cover of the journal I created for the OWOH giveaway.  Although I wasn’t too thrilled with how the face came out, I loved how the heart looked.   

Inner Beauty

The page below came about because I found a magazine image of a stark gray brick room.  I knew as soon as I saw it what I wanted to do with it.  Then it was just a matter of finding the right images and words to go along with it. 

Wake Up

I am also working on another altered magazine image that was inspired by an article in the book Exhibition 36.  Wonderful book.  The article Portraits Reinvented was written by Susan Tuttle as was the book.  I hope to finish the project tomorrow and get it posted day after.  If you get the opportunity to get this book, do it.  I highly recommend it.

Got to go, time to visit blog number 620.  Yes, I’ve already been to 619 blogs and I’m a little bleary eyed but I’m having fun. 

What are you doing when you’re not visiting OWOH blogs?


  1. Great journal pages, I like the girl on the heart page. I'm all blogged out, it's just my regular blogs now - though I have added a few more to my blog list thanks for OWOH.

  2. love the face and the heart and the brick room imagery is fantastic. i did a page recently on a similar line of thought.

  3. Hi, Linda! I like the one about "life's waiting room". Great imagery to encourage all of us to get out there and live life to it's fullest! :-)

  4. I loved seeing your new pages! More, please! winkwink

    I am like that when I see a cool magazine image that would make a great focal point or background.

    I think you may have motivated me to at least try to surf a view OHOW blogs. Thanks. :-)


  5. The journal entries look great especially the heart and cross. I love how you ahve done it on the owoh.


  6. Very nice,I like it.I now wonder if I am in the wainting room.


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