February 26, 2009

Crossing Paths Again or Stars and Broken Hearts




How can the fate of one you don’t know
affect you so deeply, so completely?
Not a victim of tragedy,
not a person in need.
Just a personality larger than life
with a lyric, a melody and
voice that fills the room.

What is this hold, this fascination with
the chaotic creativeness that is so mesmerizing?

All I know is that it makes me feel,
it makes me feel.


The quote in the journal page belongs to Jason Dean Bennison.


  1. Great quote. I really like the deep blue color of the journal page.

  2. the color just draws you right in and sets a stage for the black and white of the image. fantastic page!

  3. I just love that quote! Your journal page is wonderful. I have always kept a journal, usally to write down my ideas, but a year ago I started my first artful journal. It is like giving yourself a gift. Your page in an inspiration. I might have to do me one with that quote.

  4. Love the dark opaqueness of the blue with the bnw photo of the cloudy sky. It makes you think a storm's a coming! Cool.



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