June 11, 2006

INXS in Berkeley 6/10/06

Loved the venue, loved Scott Stapp and just F'n loved INXS. I saw them in Jan and it was hard to believe that JD and INXS could be better than they were then but hell ya they were just awesome.
We had great seats with an unobstructed view in the middle of section D row 5. It wasn't real close to the stage but it was totally clear view of the entire band. JD looked beautiful, georgeous, wonderful (there aren't enough words to describe him...I just adore him.) I thought JD's performance was great before but he's just grown and matured so much as a performer. He sounded wonderful especially on Amazing Grace. I loved JD kissing Kirk and his loving up on Gary and Tim. ( I think he kissed Tim on the cheek as well) It does my heart good that a he can be so free with the man love and still be straight.
Tim, Kirk, Jon and Andrew looked good. Gary was freaking HOT HOT HOT. I noticed Gary changed shirts three times as well.
My favorite song ever, Pretty Vegas, was made extra special with the audience singing along. But my favoite performance of the night had to be Never Let You Go. There is something to be said about a band who can improve an already great a CD recording by 100% and make it extraordinary....and really that goes for all the songs but especially NLYG.
My night was made when JD acknowledged my 448 sign by pointing and making his own 448 hand signals back to me. I believe it was durng Never Let you go. Hummm, may be that why I loved the performance so much. Nah, It was just damn good performance.
Special thanks to my My Guy who had doubts that he could enjoy the show a second time but went anyway just to please me. Well. he just got into in and enjoyed the whole show and was up dancing all night right along with me. After the concert all he could say was how much fun he had. Hell he even liked Scott's Stapp's performance and he wasn't looking forward to seeing him because he'd heard so many bad reports about Scott.
My only regret...I didn't plan my day well enough to get back in time to go see them in Sacramento. I'm going to kick myself over that for sometime. I'm already missing them.


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