February 1, 2006

Yesterday was The Girl's Birthday

Wow she's 18 and I can hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day as a new mother with no experience. By beautiful daughter has matured so much and she is a wonderful, caring young woman. When she was 15, it was hard to imagine that only 3 years later she would have a great job that she loves and would be so good at it that she has already gotten a promotion. At 15 I was really worried about her lack of enthusiasm for all things school and her desire to continually party hardy.
I baked The Girl a birthday cake and got her a very large piggy balloon because she loves piggies. She also got a slew of other presents. Some were fun things that she wanted and others were of the heartfelt "You're an adult now" type. Her dad, My Guy, wrote her a two page letter full of love and fatherly advice. I wanted to read it but it was personal between the two of them. She is as close to her Da as she is to Mommo (that's me).
Later we went to dinner at Outback with her boyfriend of two years. Had tons of food (there goes my diet.) and then came home and ate cake. Oh gawd I was so full, still am.


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