January 15, 2012

Pinterest is eating away my time.

I have been so lazy this week and haven’t done much art.  Instead, I joined Pinterest and that is how I wasted my time this past week.  OMG there is so much to see on that site…I LOVE IT!!  It’s introduced me to all sorts of websites that I’d have never found otherwise….but, My oh My,  it’s a time gobbler. I have been on site and the various blogs that it links to for HOURS and HOURS and the bad thing is that I haven’t even made it past the DYI and Craft category. Yikes!  But all was not lost, I did learn how to make laundry soap, dishwashing soap and liquid hand soap…Whoo Hooo,  Boy are we ever going to be clean around here. hehe

Anyone else having a hard time staying away from Pinterest?  If you have never been there, you are in for a treat! Click the link above and you’ll see why I’ve been enthralled.  If you decide you’d like to join, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

So I got to feeling bad that I hadn’t posted recently so here are some of the art journal pages I worked on last week. Nothing spectacular unfortunately:

The page below is my Jan 1st, 2012 spread. The section on the right is actually a flap that I added to the page and it lists just a few of the things I’m looking forward to in the coming year.


With the flap folded, you can see my word for 2012….Joy. Our family has had enough stress to last us a lifetime. What we need is more JOY.


Nothing special here, just some daily entries.



One thing I did learn is that composition notebook paper doesn’t take paint/gesso well.  I may have to resort to using my chalk pastels if I want color.


  1. Try gluing 2 or 3 pages together, at a time, in your notebook before you start and it should take paint/gesso better.
    I am also addicted to pinterest!!

  2. Yeah, I second the 2 pages adhered together thing. I use my Scotch wrinkle-free gluesticks for this. I have tried gel medium and even pva glue, and believe it or not, the stick did the best job. You can do the edges after getting the pages adhered from the spine and burnishing. Butter frosting it on no skips. Yes Glue works the same, just as good. I use my rolling pin to burnish cuz of my arthritis. THEN, you can strngthen the merged page by collaging paper scrap strips or squares or whatever on, either before or after glueing together. Then put on your paints. I've done 2 gluebook journals that way and they are still in great shape.

    Concerning Pinterest, I hearya. Although I literally begin to get over-stimulated after a few minutes and have to force myself to stop. My problem right now is an addiction to Facebook. I have new art friends as well as connecting with so many childhood friends.

    And, LOVE your pages. The feet are so cool, like on scales. Very witty. Yep, we all know that didn't last long if at all, WINKWINK. lololol Yeah, me neither. xoxoxo


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