May 16, 2010

Don’t just stand there gyrating.

I know some people don’t like to dance, they feel silly shaking their bootie.  Me? I love dancing.  I just wish I was better at it.  My Guy and I only go dancing once a year or so on New Years Eve (except this year, we didn’t go this year because of the job situation.)

We’re from the baby boomer generation and because there is no *dance* that goes along with “Purple Haze,” we didn’t learn to dance. We just kind of stand there and gyrate, as my dad used to say. 

My Guy and I tried dance lessons about 20 years ago but we both wanted to lead. LOL ( My motto is if you’re not going to lead, I will….LOL) So we didn’t learn much.   But now I’d love to take Salsa lessons and we have actually thought giving lessons another try. Someday, when we actually have a place to try what we learned, we just might.

Anyone know where we can Salsa dance in Sacramento?

Learn 2 Dance


And in the late but better than never category is the page inspired by the Mother’s Day card I got from my guy. I still haven’t told him I cut it up the same day he gave it to me. Sshhh!

Mothers Day


  1. I love watching my parents dance together. They move to perfect together. People don't tend to dance "like that" anymore. :)

  2. Good luck finding there an Arthur Murry studios there?

    Loving your abstracting art. You are like me - we wanna try all styles before its over, right? winkwink

  3. Hi, Linda! I do a lot of dancing in the kitchen, while I'm cooking or doing dishes. Or in the living room. With the blinds closed, of course, so no one else can see! ;-)


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