April 3, 2009

Saints and Sinners

St Anne

The Saint, on 6” x 6” canvas

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for a little while.  It’s of Saint Anne, the patron saint of seamstresses and tailors.  The background papers are sewing pattern paper and a page from a book that just happened to be about sewing.  That was serendipity as the book itself was not about sewing and the page was the first one I opened to when I picked up the book.  

The background color was a blend of several colors from my pastel box.  I really love using them for backgrounds because they blend so well.  I used Krylon Fixative to set the colors.

I found the image of St Anne and printed it on my laser printer and transferred it to the canvas using the Chartpak blender pen I wrote about earlier.  I enhanced the color using acrylics and colored pencils.

The scroll at the top is a rub on and the flower is from scrapbook paper.


The Sinners:

In my last post I wrote that we were going to Stinson beach for the weekend.  We did and had a wonderful time.  We walked on the beach for hours just talking and laughing and getting sunburned noses.  We enjoyed every minute of our time there.  My husband is such a doll…dreamy sigh. 

Here’s the sinner part: While we were sitting outside a local restaurant waiting to be called for dinner we saw a big SUV pull out of it’s parking space and smack right into a Mercedes car parked on the street.  As he pulled forward after hitting the car, there was a huge dent on the car door.  OUCH!  However, when the guy pulled forward he acted like he hadn’t hit the car.  I could tell he didn’t  intend to leave a note or offer to pay the car owner for the damage he caused. 

I didn’t want to confront the guy but I couldn’t let it go either. I decided that the best thing to do was give our name to the restaurant hostess in case the car owner came looking for information.  The hostess went out and got the license plate number of the guy who did the damage and left a note on the car after the SUV driver left.  I don’t know what happened as the car owner hasn’t called. But I felt better after leaving our number as witnesses.   Years ago I had a similar thing happen to my car but I was lucky because the guy who hit my car left a note for me.  I just wish these guys had manned up and left the note themselves.


  1. Hi, Linda! Good for you for doing the right thing, even though it's tough to get involved. Beautiful painting! :-)

  2. Girl whatever you did to your blog was da bomb - no more error messages on my end. Thanks!

    As for the parking incident, you oughta write it up and send it to Liberty Mutual - I was seeing one of their personal responsibility commercials in my mind while reading it! No lie!

  3. Oh dang, sorry, forgot to comment on that gorgeous collage of Saint Anne! WOW! It's truly beautiful and you did a fantastic job on it. xoxo


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