January 4, 2009

It pays to blog

I want to thank my very, very sweet daughter for making some Biscochitos for me for Christmas. She read my Christmas Questions blog post and decided to make them for me Christmas morning.  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, they were sooo good.  Thank you my precious girl. (By the way I hope you are feeling better.)

I haven’t posted in a while but not all was lost, art wise, while I was gone from blogland. I managed to get two journal pages done while traveling to New Mexico for Christmas and another was created last week.  Those are below.

Today, I finally completed the Texture prompt that Kathryn posted weeks ago at the Soul Journal site.  I actually started it a few weeks before Christmas but Christmas projects took precedence and this one was put aside for a while. However, I knew I’d be back to it sooner or later because I liked the idea of it.  Instead of adding it to my journal I used a canvas board and created a freeform piece.  I really like how it turned out.  The size is 5 X 7.  I used fabric flowers, foam leaves, lace, buttons, watch parts and beads.  All were covered in gesso.  The gesso was also used as the adhesive.

Textured Flowers

The following journal page was created due to the flight we took from home to New Mexico for Christmas.  We are very discouraged with the airline industry.


This was a fun page created on Christmas Eve and Christmas day:

Merry Christmas

This last page was the most recent and based on our New Years Eve activities:

New Years Eve

How was your holiday?


  1. I really like the texture page! I did one and it didn't turn out to lok near as good as yours. I justed canvas also instead of doing it in my journal. I hope to play mor eiwth mine this weekend. I'll post pictures if I can get it to look halfway decent.

  2. I love these works! the new years piece is so full of energy, and the texture piece all in white is perfectly suited to show the dimensionality. --teri

  3. OMGosh! I love your white texture page...wonderful! And I so agree on your airline pages! I really need to get back in the swing of things with the soul journal group and need to check out those other you mentioned.

  4. How neat to find someone else who actually journals a lot in their art journal. Very nice work. :-)


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