March 9, 2013

March 9 - National Panic Day?

Hi again.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I hope you haven’t all moved on to someone funnier, smarter and who posts much more than I have been lately. But if you have, I totally understand. :) 

Until lately, I’d been completely uninspired to do any art work.  Back in November we learned that due to our short sale in 2010 we wouldn’t qualify to buy a new home for at least another year.  It didn’t matter that we had enough saved to pay 20% down.  It was depressing.

I hated renting….especially renting from someone who was more than a little anal about his lawn…of all things. We lived in that house for over a year and never fully moved in, if you know what I mean.  We never wanted to make the rental a home and get complacent about living there. So it was depressing to find out that we would have to stay for yet another year.  

But My Guy and I decided to get creative.  Instead of going for a conventional mortgage we decided to look for a home whose seller was willing to finance the purchase. I’d done it before so I had no qualms about it.  But we had a lot of “Wants” and “Must haves” so we were sure it was going to take a while.  We got lucky, after few short weeks of looking we found one and  WE MOVED!!   Packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, rearranging etc… it all takes a while. 

Among the wants and must haves was a studio/office for me. This place has a detached  studio space that is 18’ X 15’ ---how cool is that? Here are some pictures of the  space just before I moved in. 

This is my art side:  Love those shelves!  I plan a painting area, a paper crafting/collage area and a sewing area. I have lots of fabric that’s still in storage that I want to pull out and play with. I also have glass and plates to mosaic with and I want to paint furniture..see there is no end to those “wants.”

Studio 1

This is my office side….there is room for a desk, file cabinets and printer on this side.

Studio 2

And it has two huge windows on the north and west side.

Studio 3

I’m excited about the possibilities.  To date I have moved in, the shelves are filled, but it’s not exactly right yet. It’s a work in progress. 

Speaking of work, my first journal page in weeks:

March 9-2013b

Thanks for stopping by, Come back again soon. I hope not to make a stranger of myself for too much longer.


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