April 28, 2012

29 Faces Challenge - May

As I indicated in my last post, I’m taking the Suzi Blu’s Portrait class and I very much need to practice. So it was serendipity that I ran across Ayala Art Blog because she is hosting the 29 faces in 29 days challenge beginning May 1st. Do I need to join another challenge? In general, no not really….except that I do need this particular challenge to help me make progress in my portrait class.
Now I may not be able to post 29 different faces during the month but I will try to post my progress in whatever face I am working on.
If you want to know more about this challenge, be sure to visit Ayala Art Blog for all the nitty gritty. Once you read up on the challenge, I’m sure you’ll want to join us. If not, at least come by and tell me how I’m doing, K?
See you later gater.

April 24, 2012

Playing with portraits again

So here I am playing with drawing portraits again. I’d love to be good at it but I just don’t practice enough.  I decided to take Suzi Blu’s portrait class because the class is self-paced. I don’t have to hurry if I don’t want too and I don’t have to wait for the next set of videos if I’m ready to move on.

The Goddess and the Poet was the class I wanted to take when it was first offered but couldn’t because it was a little more than I could afford to pay at the time.  Now? I’m getting three classes for an incredible deal. Plus I love Suzi. She’s been an inspiration to me since way back when she was vloging her paintings on Youtube, before she started offering classes. I took her first class on drawing and painting Petite Girls doll faces and really enjoyed it. 

Now Suzi is offering The Goddess and the Poet, Piety & Passion and Angels for $35.00 That’s an incredible 39 videos for less than a buck apiece.  Here, check it out yourself:



April 9, 2012

The Juicy Life

On March 28th, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. If you’re married you know marriage isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. But to be lucky enough to remain in love all those years is a freaking miracle … A miracle that I am so grateful for every day of my life.

We celebrated our 25 years by going to one of our favorite places, San Diego, CA. We have always loved San Diego for it’s weather, for the people, the art and especially the beach.  Even though we haven’t spent as much time there as we would liked to have, we have some wonderful memories there. We got engaged in San Diego so it was the perfect place to go for our 25th.

Here is my journal page about the trip.  Simple but true:


This page is for Darlene in our traveling art journal group.


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